Most of my brides during the last 10 years have worn strapless gowns. They are classic, elegant and permit for ease of movement. However that movement sometimes goes south, since the bride spends nearly all of her evening pulling up her gown. Come on ladies, be original! Try on a variety of gown styles if possible take pictures. This is not the aft… Read More

Custom gemstone wedding rings can be a wonderful way to break from the classical looking rings which were around for most decades. Although the diamond solitaire is undoubtedly one of the very top choices when it comes to wedding rings, you will find there's growing trend of couples who are searching for something that's different and unique all in… Read More

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Are you about able to pop the question? If you are then, your might be brimming with options, questions, and concerns by what form of ring you have to buy. Now, a few good many aspects about engagements that deserve your attention, but few want it up to your selection for the diamond engagement ring. This is perhaps the main part, as it is the epic… Read More